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Client Brief


THE LADZ required a commercial video which highlights their special sauce as well as their chicken which is the main feature item on the menu. Initially they were after something very simple and plain but after meeting with our director/producer, we suggested a TV advert style video which captures the attention of the viewer.

Project Started in 2020


The Ladz are an expanding franchise in the food industry. They pride themselves on serving healthy, affordable and full of flavour food. Their signature peri peri sauces and marinades are made daily on site to go alongside their mouth-watering flame grilled menu.

Challenges Faced

The restaurant was open at the same time, and they are based in the city centre. The Ladz is a restaurant based in the heart of the city, which means they couldn't close trade therefore we had to record during work hours. This meant there were lots of start and stops during production.

Therefore, we had to be patient but at the same time we couldn’t let this affect our work momentum.

Results Achieved

The video was a big hit on their social media as it was something that was never seen before within the city (for a local restaurant).

They had loads of positive reviews and lots of activities improving their social presence.

Another Positive Feedback

"Awesome video by the WAUtech team. I had a video in my mind and was looking for the right team to turn my vision into a reality and I am glad I found them. I’ve used WAUtech for Graphics, SMM and Visuals. These guys are the BEST!"

Zeeshan Manzoor, Owner (The Ladz)

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