Social Media


The Ladz already had an online social presence but their pages needed better graphical content and more oomph. So our SMM experts took over!



They wanted to get more likes on Facebook as well as looking to increase the amount of people that see each post they make. They wanted their food to be promoted from a different dimensions,edging viewers to place an order instantly.

Content Creation
Creating content from the photoshoot and video shoot we had carried out on site. The Ladz had ample of positive reviews just stored away, we showcased them to the public.
Social Media Support
Our team was on hand to deal with any minor issues they faced on their social platforms both Facebook and Instagram, with quick response times.
Boosted Presence
The Ladz had an online presence but after we joined we took their campaigns and advertisement on another level leading to a rapid increase in user interactions.


The Ladz are an expanding franchise in the food industry. They pride themselves on serving healthy , affordable and full of flavour food. Their signature peri peri sauces and marinades are made daily on site to go alongside their mouth-watering flame grilled menu.

From a business's perspective...

They recently opened up a new franchise in Cambridge, so they were looking for an immediate impact to be made once those pages went live.

Challenges Faced

One of the main challenges was re-building their page from scratch and we know have more than 500+ followers of the page within the space of 8 weeks.

We decided a strategy where we will post content twice on a weekly basis so our content was kept fresh and the page was not bombarded with posts.

Results Achieved

With this strategy on a monthly basis we are getting an average of 23% increase in page likes and 130% increase in page followers.

Furthermore, the social pages for the Cambridge branch were off to a flyer, well before it even opened. We made sure we kept the target audience in anticipation and built the appropriate level of hype towards the opening date.

Social Media Application

Voice Activated Assistance
Create campaigns, navigate the platform, or add hashtags to your content using simple voice commands.
Smart Scheduling
Pattern recognition creating campaigns in no time whether weekly, bi-weekly, or custom schedule.
Teamwork Friendly
Add colleagues or clients to your campaigns. Set roles for admin, editing, managing, or viewing campaigns.
Campaigns in Seconds
Just a few clicks is all it takes. Select accounts, select time, select content from library and boom, campaign created!


"It's been a pleasure working with WAUtech, they have been very responsive and professional. It's evident that they really do care about their customers. The team behind are very knowledgeable and professional. We have seen our Social media increase right after we started working with them. They are always available for any type of assistance you need, including help with your Social Media Platform's."

Zeeshan Manzoor (Owner The Ladz)

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