Our menu brings to life their finest cuisines from Kashmir.

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Our work led to them becoming the attention of those who value what they eat and where they eat it.


Mirage required a new menu for the catering side of their business.

Something flashy, colourful and vibrant that really displays their Kashmiri cuisine.

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Mirage wanted to provide clients with a unique and memorable food menu.





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ESTABLISHED in 2016 on the basic principle of bespoke event catering.

Managing Director

"A brilliant finish which makes each item stand out in its unique way."

Challenges Faced
One of the main challenges was trying to incorporate their whole menu within the limited pages they required.

The quality of the images we were provided with wasn’t the best for a glossy A4 print so our graphics designers had to add some effects and tweak them to make the images fit for purpose
Results Achieved
A professional and neat print, beautifully sums up the menu of Mirage. After multiple revisions, additions and discussions we delivered what the mirage team says ‘the perfect menu’. Menu complete, now time to place the order!

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