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Website Design, Development & Compatibility

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Client Brief


We were approached by GLC as they wanted a neat and clean solution for their website. A simple yet professional layout which allows the client to edit their content as and when they need do. Regular meetings and discussions were required to finalise the clients requirements.

Content Creation
We created all the content for GLC to ensure the website clearly outlines what they specialised in.
Responsive Design
As requested, we ensured the website was compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet.
Google Analytics
Daily analytics to monitor visitors and gather data as well as click trends and behaviours on web page(s).
Adobe Creative Suite
Elements of graphic design were implemented to edit the images of both the services they provide as well as staff.
Project Started in 2018


A Law firm setting the standard in advice and advocacy. Specialising in many fields from Civil Disputes to Criminal Law. Including Constitutional Law, Taxation Law and Corporate law etc. With their technical knowledge and expertise, they advise and represent both business and personal clients on direct and indirect taxation.

Challenges Faced

The main challenge we faced when creating the GLC website was the content creating element. After virtual meetings with the client, we got an idea of what they were after and were able to deliver within a small timeframe.

Another challenge was that the client was based abroad hence, with a five hour time difference we really had to shift our work pattern to suit their time, which we did and it worked well.

Results Achieved!

Overall, we delivered the required solution within the time required. A nice and neat website with all the required functionality included. We ensured our final result included clear navigation, engaging visuals and easy-to-read typography.

Another happy client, and another terrific website. Job Done 🙂 onto the next one…

"Mocking up wireframes and delivering a clean, professional and appealing website."