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They wanted a video which included brilliant feedback, comment and reviews from landlords and tenants. We had to set up interview room with good lighting and a good set of mics, so the voice is crystal clear. Then our professionals edited it with some background music and added the WAUtech spice to it.

Project Started in 2019


Direct Properties has been running since 2007 constantly adapting and changing so they can improve and be ahead of the game. They never wanted to be like the other estate agencies, rather wanted to do better and go above and beyond for their customers – landlords, tenants, young professionals, students, freeholders, residential management companies, residential and commercial property investors, buyers and sellers in and around Leeds and across West Yorkshire.

Challenges Faced

The interviewees weren’t very professional in terms of delivering an interview in front of the camera and the words would get twisted, which required a lot of retakes.

Also our team gave them some training in interview delivery. The business was open at the same time so getting rid of the background noise was a challenge in itself.

Results Achieved

In the end although we missed our deadline according to additional specifications, we fulfilled all of their requirements, as the video was compiled in a professional manner. We also created an overview video which was used for their social media and Youtube presence.

It gained them a lot of awareness as well as more tenants and landlords. Job done 😊

Another Positive Feedback

"I have to give it to the WAUtech team, they delivered an awesome project way beyond my expectations. It’s no wonder I am getting my SMM from these guys too. Truly a one-stop shop!"

Kamran Khan, Director (Direct Properties)

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