We delivered every project on time within the deadline.

We Provided:
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Quick Response

We had a custom made online requirements form which would be completed by CoA prior to each project.


They required regular graphic design work on their charity projects.

The requirements varied from posters to leaflets. From Ramadan booklets to donor brochures.

Package Included:

CoA establish Medical Clinics For Victims Of War And Oppression.

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A dedicated charity providing funds towards reconstruction of homes and temporary shelters.

Atiq Rehman (Volunteer)

"A very professional team of graphics designers. They are very skilled in making your visions a reality."

Challenges Faced
We did not come across any major challenges when creating posters for COA as the team provided us with everything we needed. At times we did have unclarity on the requirements for select projects.

We overcame this small hurdle by creating a requirements form where the team at COA can clearly outline their requirements such as poster size, content, images etc.
Results Achieved
We delivered all the projects within the time frame required and to this day, COA is still working with us. They witnessed a great response from their social media target audience via our posters and graphics and hence raised loads of money for charity.

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