We made sure they became well known for their chicken and quality of service.

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Our designs led to them becoming the attention of those who value what they eat and where they eat it.


Based on their target audience, they mainly wanted the title, image and price per post.

Nothing too fancy however, they wanted their brand colours to really stand out with each post.

Package Included:

Big Mouth had a clear requirement for their posts, which was simplicity.

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Big Mouth are a new and expanding take-away / restaurant in the industry.

Managing Director

"Each post was according to the requirements. Thanks Guys!"

Challenges Faced
The main challenge when creating the Big Mouth Social Media Posts was the element of simplicity as it relates to the target audience. BM didn’t want too much clutter with their posts, rather a simple and clean look.

Also they wanted at least 65% of the post to be the actual food image surrounded by the details.
Results Achieved
The reactions and engagements on their social media platforms increased as well as the number of their orders. Their social media page is now active and running and continues to increase in the number of likes.

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