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Website Development & Responsive Design

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Client Brief


Bar 42 approached as they needed a simple, neat and clean web solution. They had many services which they provided and they wanted all of that displayed in a easy-to-navigate website which is mobile and tablet compatible.

Complete Package
Bar 42, was already using our SMM, Graphics and Visuals services, they decided to include websites within that package.
Responsive Design
As requested, we ensured the website was compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet.
Google Analytics
Daily analytics to monitor visitors and gather data as well as click trends and behaviours on web page(s).
Content Creation
We created the visual content for Bar42 to ensure the website clearly outlines what they specialised in.
Project Started in 2020


Bar 42 is venue situated in the heart of the city of Peterborough. Serving the very best cocktails, food & shisha all under one roof. Also an elegant cocktail bar and restaurant in heart of the city centre of Peterborough offering that perfect place to eat, drink and enjoy a shisha with friends while soaking up the music in beautiful surroundings.

Challenges Faced

Usually with an organisation that provides many services, it is very easy to create a website with many pages outlining each service area. However, Bar42 had a strict requirement where they did not want an overload of webpages, rather a website consisting of a few pages which summarised all that they do. This was a challenge in itself, as at times it felt like we were trying to fit the ocean into a small container.

Results Achieved!

Our delivery was on point and throughout the whole project from design, to development and testing to launch, everything went as smooth as a whistle.

Our experienced web developers were able to fit all the information in a neat and suitable way in the manner the client required. Another Happy Customer 😊 #Result

"Great website, great team and a great experience."